We are developing smart technology that will help secure our futures across multi-domains including land, sea, air, space, cyber and electromagnetics.

Raytheon Technologies are leading innovators, leveraging expertise and unique capabilities to develop sustainable solutions for global challenges such as global warming, climate change and food insecurity.

We collaborate with our customers and supply chain as we aim to deliver social value in every region we operate in.

Together we have established a scorecard that will help us progress positive contributions to three core areas for Raytheon UK: Planet, People and Principles.

By reporting on our targets and progress across these three areas, we are committed to being accountable and transparent on our performance for all stakeholders.

An aerial shot of London at dusk. The river Thames cuts through the centre of the picture, with buildings either side. Tower Bridge is clearly lit up over the river. Text in the upper left corner reads 35,580 jobs.

Over the last 10 years we have invested more than £200 million in the UK, creating British jobs, and currently support over 35,000 jobs as Raytheon Technologies across the UK.

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