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As part of this investment, RTX supports with upskilling, training, people and technology, in order to ensure that we’re helping drive a secure and productive future for people across the UK.

Forward Steps for the UK and STEM

engineering students building a quadcopter

We know that it’s crucial the next generation is given the skills needed for the careers of tomorrow – which is why we’re investing in the UK’s future through our Forward Steps Programme. As part of the programme we’re promoting STEM learning across the country by supporting school programmes, partnering with institutions of all sizes, and helping individuals retrain.

Our Forward Steps Programme is underpinned by three key tenets of the wider RTX CSR Strategy. Each of these is central to developing our long-term commitment to act as a responsible business and partner with the UK Government.

Forward Steps

An engineering challenge for kids

Innovation and the UK’s manufacturing future

Pratt Whtiney airplane engine

We know that with the right investments and technology, the defence industry can play a crucial role in driving innovation and manufacturing in the UK for the future. That’s why we’re already investing in both. In 2019, RTX spent approximately £44 million on research and development in the UK spanning areas such as cyber, airborne, global sensors and weapons. Through investment in these critical areas, we are delivering innovation and technological advancements that help to build new capabilities in the UK and reinforce its position on the world stage.

In 2021, we partnered with Make UK on a report titled “Defence: Opportunity, Resilience and Prosperity” which combined a series of SME round tables and economic research to look at how the value of defence manufacturing can be unlocked further for the UK. What we found was that the defence and aerospace sector is a leader in creating high-skilled, high-wage, productive jobs across the UK supply chain.


Front view of the A.C. Cossor Company (a forerunner to Raytheon Systems Limited)

In 1908, an enterprising young Londoner called Alfred Charles Cossor reached the pinnacle of his dreams when the small electronics firm he founded, the A.C. Cossor Company (a forerunner to Raytheon Systems Limited), was first listed as a private company.

Over the next 100 years, that once privately-owned firm has been central to some of the greatest technological advances in British history, from the ubiquitous Melody Maker wireless radio sets that piped swing music and BBC news into U.K. living rooms during the 1920s, to the Chain Home Radar that helped protect the nation during the Battle of Britain.

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Battle of Britain

Battle of Britain: Ground crew turnaround a Spitfire while Flight Lieutenant John Bisdee is debriefed by an intelligence officer  (copyright: Chris Goss)

A.C. Cossor Company, founded in 1908 by Alfred Charles Cossor and forerunner to Raytheon UK, has been central to some of the greatest technological advances in British history. One of the most significant was the Chain Home Radar, the first operational radar system in the world, which helped protect the nation during the Battle of Britain in World War II.

In the mid-1930s, Radio Detection and Ranging, or radar, was in its very early infancy, and A.C. Cossor was selected by the then Air Ministry to build the critical receiving units and operator displays that made Britain’s Chain Home air defence radar system usable.

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Community Relations - Supporting the British Armed Forces

British armed forces

The UK’s armed forces play a vital role in keeping Britain safe, and we recognise the challenges veterans face when moving into a new career. Raytheon UK is proud to have a long-standing relationship with the UK military both through the technology and the training we provide and as an employer when they leave the service. In 2017, the UK Ministry of Defence awarded Raytheon UK the Gold Standard for its support to the Armed Forces community.

Our Forward Steps Programme is ensuring that the nation can fulfil its duty to those who have served in the armed forces by helping them take the next step in their careers. We are committed to supporting them on this journey, whether through our own initiatives or alongside other organisations.

At Raytheon UK, we have an active events programme that includes “lunch and learn” sessions, leadership and management training, events, and flexible working options. We also partner externally with several organisations, including Combat Stress and the Royal Air Forces Association, to further assist veterans in taking their next steps.

Our Charity Partners


Combat Stress

Combat Stress helps former servicemen and women deal with issues like post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression. Raytheon UK launched its partnership with Combat Stress in 2019, supporting its annual March in March event.

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Inter Services T20 Cricket

Raytheon launched a three-year partnership with the UK Armed Forces Cricket Association in 2018 to support its annual Inter-Services T20 Cricket tournament at Lord’s Cricket Ground. The tournament involves all three UK armed forces, the Army, Royal Navy, and the Royal Air Force.


The Royal Air Forces Association (RAFA)

The Royal Air Forces Associations provides welfare support for serving and ex-RAF personnel and their families. Raytheon UK first launched its partnership with RAFA in 2020, with employees volunteering to support its Telephone Befriending Service.

Driving prosperity through defence

RTX supports over 35,000 jobs across the UK via 13 sites, helping to drive prosperity. Each year our work contributes over £2.7bn to the UK economy and offers a wealth of opportunities to 4,000 suppliers across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We’re investing in all corners of the country, supporting 29,040 jobs in England, 3,040 in Northern Ireland, 1,900 in Scotland and 1,600 in Wales.

Find out more via our RTX Economic Impact in the UK report.

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