Raytheon UK is a proven prime contractor, systems integrator, and trusted training delivery partner to the UK Ministry of Defence. With its strategic training partners, Raytheon UK is delivering transformational training solutions that enable our armed forces to protect UK national security interests at home and abroad.

Behind its years of experience, Raytheon UK has a trusted reputation as a world-class training company for government, military and commercial customers, with extensive experience leading large and complex transformative change programmes around the world.


Dreadnaught class submarine

Raytheon UK has been awarded a contract by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) to be the prime contractor and systems integrator for the Dreadnought Crew Training (DCT) programme.

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Cyber (commuter) Training

Royal Navy - Submariner Training

As the Prime Contractor working in collaboration with the UK MoD, Raytheon UK will be responsible for defining and delivering an integrated training solution into the new Future Submarine School (FSS) at Her Majesty’s Naval Base Clyde, as well as several other Royal Navy training establishments. This training will be provided to all Royal Navy personnel who will serve onboard the new Dreadnought Class submarines as they replace the Vanguard Class, enabling a safe and competent operation of the boat in delivering the UK’s Continuous At-Sea Deterrent. 

Royal Navy – Sailor Training

Raytheon UK as part of Project Selborne has a vision to challenge the Royal Navy’s current training model with the use of innovative approaches to modernise training and provide greater coherence, agility and opportunity across all Royal Navy shore-based training. This will be achieved by transforming the Royal Navy’s training analysis, design, delivery, management, assurance and support services. The modernisation of Royal Navy training will enable the use of new technology, processes and learning solutions to align with the Royal Navy’s strategic agenda of positioning itself to thrive on the fast evolving 21st century Maritime environment.

Army – Command Team Training

Raytheon UK has developed and supported Command and Staff Training, or CAST, solutions and enhanced Higher Formation Training for the British Army and NATO at three facilities. Each of these sites is connected to the UK Ministry of Defence’s Joint Multinational Interoperability Assurance Network, enabling multinational and inter-organisational training events. At the heart of CAST is Raytheon UK’s Advanced Battlespace Computer Simulation, or ABACUS, training technology which is used by UK and Canadian armed forces; 12,000 soldiers take part in CAST exercises each year, with 1,250 trained on ABACUS.

Invested in Britain. Invested in Training.

35,580 jobs

Investing in Britain

Over the last 10 years we have invested more than £200 million in the UK, creating British jobs, and currently support over 35,000 jobs as Raytheon Technologies across the UK.
UK armed forces in uniform

Trusted Partner

As a partner to the UK armed forces, we are a trusted prime and systems integrator, delivering innovative, transformative training solutions.

We are highly experienced in managing large and complex programmes that safeguard national security, partnering with our customers around the clock, 24/7. Innovation, understanding and an analytical mindset is at the heart of what we do.

Training Transformation

We are always innovating to provide solutions to move better trained teams to where they are needed faster. To ensure that we do so, we are digitally enabled and technology agnostic.

Our digital offerings enhance our training at the workplace and remotely. It also supports and enables the coaching and mentoring that comes hand in hand with the training solutions we provide.

We are a proven partner to the UK Ministry of Defence with a legacy of experience focused on digital transformation projects.

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If you want to work on purposeful projects that are helping make the world a safer place whilst continuing to develop your skills, then learn more about Raytheon UK careers today.

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