Today we continue to innovate in air traffic management, digital transformation solutions for our customers, complex weapons systems that enable our armed forces to bring air power and dominance to the skies, and space domain awareness keeping Britain at the forefront of all technology.

Weapons and Sensors

fighter aircraft flying high in a cloudy blue sky

Our weapons and sensors business division ensures that our platforms deliver the right effect when needed for air dominance and provides efficient integrated power solutions that ensure our customers' platforms — whether in the air, on land or at sea — have power to perform under all conditions.

From designing the next generation of air traffic management to the latest anti-jamming technologies, we ensure our customers have reliant technology to conduct their operations.

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Cyber, Space & Training

satellite orbiting earth

People-led, our Cyber, Space and Training (CST) business division covers the full spectrum of support across all domains including space, air, land and sea.

This business enables our customers to gather data, understand and export data in a secure manner, to help our commercial and military customers achieve their goals.

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Our UK Business Divisions

GPS OCX Satellite

Space and Airborne

From collect to disseminate, this mission area will support the collation of intelligence above ground, from small satellites to radar giving the customer a fully integrated intelligence picture.
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two office employees staring at computer screens

National Security Cyber

Provides software, integration and test services supporting our partnerships across the defence and national security community in support of critical national infrastructure.
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Training Transformative Services

In the UK, we deliver innovative, comprehensive and cost-effective training solutions to our military customers – solutions that begin with listening to customer objectives and needs.

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