The Cyber, Space and Training Business is at the forefront of all latest technologies and innovations, whether it be artificial intelligence or machine learning. Very often described as the gamechangers, this business is helping to implement tomorrow’s technologies, today.

Cyber Security

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Raytheon UK’s National Security Cyber (NSC) Division have extensive experience across designing solutions, developing software, testing services and in service system support to help customers across national security and defence achieve their goals.

We design, build, test and deliver complex data analytic business processes and applications that enable our customers to turn raw data into actionable information that improves decision making.

We deliver Systems Engineering and Software Engineering services and applications to a range of commercial and government clients. 

Our mature cloud native engineering capability includes rapid prototyping, DevOps service delivery and large-scale data processing systems.

We work in partnership with customers to deliver secure, mission-critical systems and offer unique capabilities in the design, manufacture and development of high-assurance software for bespoke systems, with security built in from the outset.

Our key skills:

  • Agile Software Development,
  • DevOps & DevSecOps
  • Delivery Management
  • Systems Engineering
  • Product Owner
  • Business Analyst
  • Scrum Master
  • Technical Architect


Space Systems

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Raytheon has been involved in spaceflight since the global community set its eyes on the final frontier. It was our guidance computers that steered some of the first space capsules, including Apollo 11, and it was our technology that beamed back Neil Armstrong’s famous transmission, “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

From the ground to orbit and back, Raytheon space solutions deliver mission breakthroughs that keep our customers ahead of the threat:

Training Transformation Solutions

Raytheon UK is a trusted training partner for the Ministry of Defence. With its strategic training partners, Raytheon UK is delivering transformational training solutions that enable our armed forces to protect UK national security interests at home and abroad.

Behind its years of experience, Raytheon UK has a trusted reputation as a world-class training company for government, military and commercial customers, with extensive experience leading large and complex transformative change programmes around the world.

Careers at Raytheon UK

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Are you interested in engineering solutions to some of the worlds’ biggest problems? A career at Raytheon can provide you with a chance to work on purposeful projects that are helping make the world a safer place.

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