Raytheon UK offers a wide range of safe, resilient power subsystems, components and bespoke designs, for land, naval and air applications.

The UK's AJAX Armoured Fighting Vehicle, the U.S. LAV-AT and Humvee fighting vehicles, the U.S. F/A-18 aircraft, MK54 torpedo, Next generation Naval Radars and the International Space Station are amongst the platforms using Raytheon UK power products.

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AC-DC and DC-DC Converters that can be paralleled to meet demands of high power loads
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power supplies in current operation in the most demanding applications
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high current and high voltage distribution

Our products

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Power converters

This includes DC-DC converters (up to 10kW) and single and multiphase AC-DC converters (up to 30kW). Raytheon UK’s multi-phase power converters employ active power factor correction for improved harmonic performance.
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Solid state power switch nodes

Components that provide platforms with an easy-to-use power management, including fully protected solid-state switching under the control of the platform's serial data bus.
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Power distribution and power switching units

We have a range of products that provide platforms 28V – 600Vdc power distribution or provide a high current interface for alternator, platform batteries and NATO Slave Socket.
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Power management

Our smart power supplies enable us to generate usage data, configure bespoke performance based on location or mission and to incorporate battery state of life monitoring.

The crucial role of Raytheon Technologies and the defence industry for UK manufacturing

In 2021, we partnered with Make UK on a report titled “Defence: Opportunity, Resilience and Prosperity” which combined a series of small- and medium-enterprise (SME) round tables and economic research to look at how the value of defence manufacturing can be unlocked further for the UK. What we found was that the defence and aerospace sector is a leader in creating high-skilled, high-wage, productive jobs across the UK supply chain.
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Careers at Raytheon UK

Are you interested in power circuits, problem solving or engineering? A career at Raytheon UK can provide you with a chance to work on purposeful projects that are helping make the world a safer place. Find out more.

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