We design and manufacture in excess of 15,000 GPS anti-jam units for the worldwide market. The design and manufacturing teams are based in Scotland and England, creating significant supply chain support and advancement in GPS technology with academic partners.

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Our next-generation digital GPS anti-jam protection system, Landshield®, is a step-change in capability. It houses a multi-element antenna and the anti-jam processing in a single small, affordable, ‘one-box' solution that interfaces at RF level to the GPS receiver, with minimal system modification required. This cost-effective, small form factor and lightweight upgrade will simply replace existing unprotected GPS antennas, as well as enhance original installations where protection against jamming and interference is required.

Landshield is available in two variants, Landshield Simultaneous has a 4-element CRPA and Landshield Plus has a 7-element CRPA.

Both Landshield variants work against a full range of hostile jammers – including narrowband, broadband, continuous wave pulse, swept and spectrally matched – and can protect L1 and L2 GPS frequencies simultaneously for enhanced situational awareness.

Our fully integrated GPS-AJ antennas are suitable for military, critical national infrastructure, maritime, government and avionics where size, weight and power constraints are key.

Advanced Digital Antenna Production (ADAP)

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The world’s first fully digital, truly simultaneous GPS L1/L2 anti-jam system, Raytheon UK’s ADAP solution has set the standard for GPS anti-jam technology currently in production. The system delivers proven GPS anti-jam performance in harsh airborne and maritime environments as well as complex high-threat solutions. The ADAP product has been installed on over 20 platforms.

Performance Benefits:

  • Multi-element antennas mitigate multiple jammers during platform and jammer dynamics
  • Complies with future M-Code satellite signals, including threshold adjustment for spot beam and hot satellites
  • Provides jamming protection against higher power jammers through digital space time adaptive processing (STAP) algorithms
  • Comprehensive built-in test with automatic fault detection speeds maintenance
  • The user receives an indication of the presence of jamming and its power, helping build a tactical and strategic real-time awareness picture

GPS Anti-Jam System-1 (GAS-1)

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Installed on more than 40 platforms worldwide, Raytheon UK’s GAS-1 is the GPS Anti-Jam antenna global standard in a comprehensive product portfolio that covers air, land and sea applications in both analogue and digital designs.

GAS-1 technology consists of a multi-element Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA) and separate Antenna Electronics (AE) unit which is able to recognise multiple sources of deliberate jamming and other electrical interference – such as mobile phone networks, satellite communications and high-definition terrestrial TV – and reject them. This allows the navigation equipment to function safely, accurately and efficiently in the presence of multiple jammers. In military use, jammer-protected targets can be approached more closely and all operations requiring GPS-derived position and time (UTC) can be carried out with greater accuracy and improved mission assurance.

It is the ability of GAS-1 to track jammers and generate nulls faster than any of its competitors that has seen it selected by the national air forces of the United Kingdom, United States and Australia.

Our weapons capabilities

As a world-leading complex weapons systems supplier, we are a valued strategic partner not only in the UK market, but globally. This is highlighted by the fact that we are the UK’s only global factory for UK and U.S. missile programmes. Find out more.

Cyber, Space & Training

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Our team is leading the way in cyber security, space technology and transforming training with the armed forces. Partnered with the best entrepreneurs, small- and medium-sized companies and academic institutions, our team is focused on delivering the latest, most modern and efficient techniques.  Find out more about our capabilities and products in this area.

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