Space and Airborne

Multidomain Operations enable a way to connect traditionally separate networks, ingest and analyse data from sensors across the globe and in space, then serve it up to operators and commanders in context and with options on what to do next. We're leveraging our deep knowledge in areas including secure communications, resilient networks, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The domain of space and airborne is just one part of multi-domain operations, supporting the collation of data and providing our customers with a clear vision and picture of what to do next.


Airborne Solutions

UK Aircraft Modification and integration Hub.

Raytheon UK operates the UK’s only dedicated special mission aircraft centre. Our site in Broughton is the Airborne Solutions’ Centre of Excellence for technology research and development.

We possess expertise in the development, modification and support of our cutting-edge surveillance equipment. We see the future of Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) in the development of multi-mission solutions not dedicated to just single sensors or single capabilities, but which can overlay intelligence from multiple sensors to give a comprehensive overview of the battle space.


Space systems

Northern lights

Raytheon Technologies has been involved in spaceflight since the global community set its eyes on the final frontier. It was our guidance computers that steered some of the first space capsules, including Apollo 11, and it was our technology that beamed back Neil Armstrong’s famous transmission, “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

From the ground to orbit and back, our space solutions deliver mission breakthroughs that keep our customers ahead of the threat.

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Raytheon NORSS

We’ve specialised in Space Domain Awareness since 2017. With experience across military and civilian applications, we provide unparalleled expertise in orbital analytics and operations from our NORSSTrack software, LOCI sensor network and diverse SDA portfolio.

Innovating from our base in Northeast England and collaborating with national and global partners, we’re motivated to deliver social and economic value by driving sustainability and accessibility in space. We're helping to ensure the safety of spacecraft and enhancing mission planning by integrating SDA services with on-orbit activities such as active debris removal and end-of-life procedures.

Our mission is to build sovereign capability through the provision of data to protect and defend national interests and those of our allies, helping the UK become world leaders in space sustainability and ensuring the future use of space. We achieve this by providing trusted support to governments in the space domain, supporting the commercial space industry, and developing and innovating alongside academia.

NORSSTrack - Space Domain Awareness

The edge of Earth and space

Orbiting technology plays a fundamental role in every aspect of our lives. It helps us navigate from A to B, enables vital monitoring of climate events and provides governments and militaries with mission-critical data. 

The dramatic increase in the number of satellites orbiting Earth has led to a congested environment. Developed specifically for space mission operations, our NORSSTrack SDA software maps the operational environment so that satellites can effectively evade fast-moving debris and neighbouring assets in orbit. 

NORSSTrack Modules

Through NORSSTrack and our team of orbital analysts, we provide comprehensive SDA expertise in an operational environment, including:

LOCI: Low-Earth Orbit Optical Camera Installation

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LOCI is a powerful space domain awareness sensor system, developed in partnership with academia to tackle the challenges of LEO optical observation. 

Designed, built and tested in the UK with the needs of the Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) market in mind, the ground-based SDA sensor system uses bespoke Raytheon NORSS software to achieve a cost-effective, high-quality and easily deployable SST solution, providing critical data to global customers.

Deployed to five strategically chosen locations across the globe, LOCI increases the quantity and quality of data collected and enables deeper insights into what is happening with and around customer assets and the overall space environment.

LOCI routinely collects both positional and characterisation data on objects in LEO including defence assets, commercial spacecraft and space debris. This helps expand and improve the UK’s sovereign space domain awareness capabilities and distinguish changes in pattern of life that reflect their intent or operational status. This dual capability enables customers to act with increased understanding and confidence, aiding operators to keep assets in orbit safe from possible dangers, such as collision or fragmentation events.

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Special mission aircraft

gray stealth aircraft flying above white clouds

The Shadow R Mk1 tactical ISTAR solution provides Airborne ISR in support of UK and international operations. Raytheon UK continues to spirally develop the platform through an ongoing capability enhancement programme and provides in-service support. Raytheon UK is now under contract to develop and deliver the RAF’s Next-Generation Tactical ISTAR capability which includes eight Shadow R Mk2 aircraft, a new variant that will transform the capability of the platform. The aircraft is civil-certified by the Civil Aviation Authority and then released to service by the United Kingdom Military Aviation Authority.

Multi-mission aircraft

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For Raytheon UK, the future of  airborne solutions lies in the development of multi-mission solutions for airborne platforms that are not dedicated to single sensors or single capabilities, but which can overlay intelligence from multiple sensors to give the decision-maker a comprehensive overview of the battlespace.

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