Space and Airborne

Multidomain Operations enable a way to connect traditionally separate networks, ingest and analyse data from sensors across the globe and in space, then serve it up to operators and commanders in context and with options on what to do next. Raytheon Technologies is leveraging our deep knowledge in areas including secure communications, resilient networks, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The domains of space and airborne is just one part of multi-domain operations, supporting the collation of data and providing our customers with a clear vision and picture of what to do next.


Airborne Solutions

UK Aircraft Modification and integration Hub.

Raytheon UK operates the UK’s only dedicated special mission aircraft centre. Our site in Broughton is the Airborne Solutions’ Centre of Excellence for technology research and development.

We possess expertise in the development, modification and support of our cutting-edge surveillance equipment. We see the future of Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) in the development of multi-mission solutions not dedicated to just single sensors or single capabilities, but which can overlay intelligence from multiple sensors to give a comprehensive overview of the battle space.


Special mission aircraft

The Shadow R Mk1 tactical ISTAR solution provides Airborne ISR in support of UK and international operations. Raytheon UK continues to spirally develop the platform through an ongoing capability enhancement programme and provides in-service support. Raytheon UK is now under contract to develop and deliver the RAF’s Next-Generation Tactical ISTAR capability which includes eight Shadow R Mk2 aircraft, a new variant that will transform the capability of the platform. The aircraft is civil-certified by the Civil Aviation Authority and then released to service by the United Kingdom Military Aviation Authority.

Multi-mission aircraft

For Raytheon UK, the future of  airborne solutions lies in the development of multi-mission solutions for airborne platforms that are not dedicated to single sensors or single capabilities, but which can overlay intelligence from multiple sensors to give the decision-maker a comprehensive overview of the battlespace.


Space systems

Raytheon Technologies has been involved in spaceflight since the global community set its eyes on the final frontier. It was our guidance computers that steered some of the first space capsules, including Apollo 11, and it was our technology that beamed back Neil Armstrong’s famous transmission, “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

From the ground to orbit and back, Raytheon Technologies space solutions deliver mission breakthroughs that keep our customers ahead of the threat.

(Photo courtesy of Reuben Wu)

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