It is simply not enough just to have powerful pieces of technology. Those pieces have to work together. Our work in command and control turns individual tools into integrated systems.

Axon Service Desk

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We're developing the AXON Enterprise Operation Centre, the first line of support and defence both internally and for all our customer front line and back line operational needs.

AXON has a productised support solution that can be customised to support our customers with their evolving key programme ambitions across an increasingly complex and open environment.  
Throughout design and implementation, we work closely with our SME network to take advantage of all innovations and provide the greatest range of capabilities through AXON.

AXON will:

  • Provide immediate service support “out of the box” that can be deployed rapidly whilst meeting resilience and capability needs,
  • Be coupled with Service Support solutions that assist a wide range of SME and solution needs to meet defence technical, assurance & service requirements, 
  • Support customer operations by taking ownership for issues spanning multiple systems, providers, and classification levels.

Multi-Domain Integration

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Tomorrow’s wars will not be fought in individual domains or won by individual solutions. Only by connecting domains and networking battle systems will commanders enable near-instantaneous decision-making and ensure mission success.

At the core of our approach to multi-domain integration is the ability to connect the multitude of separate government, military, and agency systems to a common repository of data/information. The data is managed and protected across all classifications and disseminated at the appropriate level to enable real time data sharing.

The information is shared to provide an optimal understanding, enable the best decision at the right time, and take the most effective and efficient action. We connect information and decision making at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels in all five Domains – Air, Space, Maritime, Land and Cyber – and between all instruments of government to provide the Information Superiority required to ‘win’ in the Information Age.


SME Ecosystem

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Collaboration breeds innovation. 

We have partnered with the Institute for Collaborative Working to adopt a series of standards that will help improve access to the defence sector for small businesses as part of a wider campaign to build a sustainable and competitive aerospace and defence industry fit for the future. This requires a thriving ecosystem for SMEs to operate in, one built on a skilled workforce and shared workspace for start-ups.

Raytheon UK's wide-reaching supply chains support thousands of careers across industry and place the company alongside a broad team of partners – particularly small and medium-sized businesses. To rapidly make multi-domain integration possible, we are partnering with non-traditional companies to integrate the best commercial solutions into existing defence systems. We are quickly and cost-effectively leveraging commercial advances in automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to break down barriers and modernise Command and Control architecture.


Data Capability

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Data is key.

We research cutting-edge technologies around data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, as well as assessing the feasibility of current and next-gen techniques to solve problems and meet needs.

We have grown a large data practice consisting of Data Science, Data Engineering and Machine Learning Operations teams set up to address data challenges. Starting with research to identify approaches, train models and select candidate solutions, our engineers apply experience and innovation to each data challenge.

Projects have included adversarial machine learning, exploitation of large data sets and space situational awareness.

Raytheon UK runs its own development academy ensuring our people are trained and skilled in cutting edge technology and to the highest standard possible.


Intelligence Experience

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Raytheon UK is a common name in the intelligence field.

We have led and continue to lead large defence intelligence programmes under the Mission Intelligence portfolio. A vital part of our role is providing our customer with timely accurate and coherent data to help commanders understand their operating environment and reduce risks in an increasingly complex battlespace, giving access to the true real-time state of events.

Raytheon UK supports its customers in the gathering and analysing of intelligence data. We draw on a number of open and covert sources to provide the intelligence required to support customer operational planning in both tactical and strategic environments.


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