Partnerships for The Future

Atlantic Futures Forum hosts collaborative defence thought leaders

The idea is to strengthen the partnership and thus, strengthen the partners.

Thought leaders in space, defence, security and cyber gathered at the annual Atlantic Future Forum in New York this past November. The goal: Strengthen the transatlantic export relationship between the UK and U.S., and promote joint collaboration in technology innovation and transfer. Raytheon participated as a forum strategic industry partner.

"Collaboration is one of the cornerstones of maintaining the UK and U.S. technological lead in the world in areas such as space and cyber," said Richard Daniel, CEO of Raytheon UK. "By jointly investing for the future, we can provide capabilities and solutions to our customers even faster and more economically."

The theme of this year's Forum was "The Future We Choose." Participants included members of both militaries, innovators from business and technology and policy makers. They discussed the fields of cyber, space, security, defence, technology, artificial intelligence and robotics.

Raytheon experts participated in panel sessions on space and cyber, both important investment and growth sectors for the company. In the UK, Raytheon is growing its space-grade manufacturing capabilities in Scotland to build future space hardware and to support space missions.

Raytheon Vice President of Space Gil Klinger sat on a panel session entitled The Future of Space and discussed how the UK and U.S. can work together to remain competitive in space technology.

“We are developing Raytheon UK’s space capabilities by using our technology transfer model to bring proven U.S. space technology to the UK," Klinger said. "This model allows UK industry to benefit from significant U.S. technology investment while developing bespoke UK space solutions with potential for export to international markets.”

In July, Raytheon and the UK Ministry of Defence, or MOD, announced their Artemis partnership to jointly develop new space defence capabilities in support of the UK government’s strategy.

“We are also seeking to increase our footprint through job creation and partnerships with UK subject-matter experts and other space companies, to ensure we become an integral part of the UK space economy,” Klinger added.

Held aboard the HMS Queen Elizabeth, the annual Forum was marked by the strategic partners signing an accord signifying their joint commitment to collaboration and to continued dialogue between the public and private sectors in the UK and U.S.

Daniel also highlighted Raytheon UK's ongoing commitment to nurturing future talent: "Through our rolling graduate, apprentice and STEM learning schemes, we are investing in the UK's next-generation of innovators and leaders," he said.