Cyber Superstars


Exciting opportunities at a variety of levels within our new Cyber Innovation Centre! Including Cyber Research, Software Development, Systems Engineering and many other roles.

The benefits of the digital era come with a steep price; cyber attacks and cyber crime have quadrupled in recent years, and estimates of the losses exceed US$1 trillion.

With this type of crime and terror escalating, today’s organisations require a new generation of digital defence warriors ready to face these global threats in this rapidly changing environment .

Trying to prevent all manner of Cyber threats is no longer considered realistic. Instead, governments and businesses now seek ways to withstand attacks while continuing to operate effectively.

Raytheon has emerged as the industry leader in developing Cyber resilience, and we offer that expertise and experience to help other organisations in government and industry do the same.

Experts predict 75 billion devices will hook into the Internet by 2020. That's a lot of open doors for hackers to exploit, and Raytheon Cyber engineers are working to stop them.

So, if code breaking excites you, reverse-engineering seems pretty straightforward and you like to break down information security systems just to build them back, stronger and better, then you are the kind of person we are actively seeking to recruit at Raytheon: a Cyber defence warrior who can help us protect the world's most critical data from breach, fraud, theft and sabotage.

With opportunities at our new Gloucester-based Cyber Innovation Centre, as well as other customer and partner sites, we are recruiting across a range of disciplines and welcome applications from individuals at all levels.

Working in a dynamic environment, we seek enthusiastic and driven individuals to work on truly challenging projects – stepping away from the typical dull beige environment and projects.

Click here to search our current Cyber roles based in Gloucester or email your CV to our Raytheon UK recruitment team '[email protected]' and one of our Recruitment team will be in touch.