Go Live: Raytheon Cyber Eco-System is UK First

More than 100 of UK's top cyber talent will develop technologies to solve complex cyber attacks

Raytheon Company has unveiled its new £3 million cyber-crime fighting centre in Gloucester, England which is to house more than 100 of the UK’s top cyber talent across big data, analytics and network defence. In the dangerous world of cyber warfare, these digital defence warriors will develop cutting-edge cyber security mitigation technologies that protect today’s sophisticated computer networks against complex attacks.

Commenting on the Cyber Innovation Centre's capability, Chief Executive of Raytheon UK Richard Daniel said: “This is the first cyber eco-system of its kind in the UK where industry, customers, partners and academia come together under one roof to solve some of the most complex cyber issues.”

The UK facility joins Raytheon’s global network of cyber centres and will focus on cyber and information assurance projects, while utilising the company’s decades of experience, international capability and global partnerships.

Attending the official opening ceremony, Trade and Investment Minister Lord Livingston said that the new Centre "demonstrates the UK’s leading position in cyber security and ensures UK firms benefit from a more trusted digital environment."

The UK government considers state-sponsored cyber attacks and large-scale cyber crime as a Tier 1 risk to national security. Such sophisticated and targeted attacks could cost the UK economy billions of pounds every year.

Lord Livingston added: “The UK is at the forefront in cyber security innovation, with strong support across government helping the rapid growth of this sector which is now worth over £6 billion, employs around 40,000 people and expected to reach £2 billion in exports by 2016.”

Richard Graham MP for Gloucester emphasised the significance of Raytheon's investment, particularly at a time when cyber threats have been capturing headlines across the world and attacks become more frequent and prominent: “Cyber security is an increasing issue for governments and businesses around the world and there is no better time to exploit this increased cyber awareness to ensure a safer digital economy. Our Prime Minister and President Obama called for greater US-UK cooperation in developing cyber capabilities. I welcome Raytheon's investment in innovation and its supply chain, which positions our city and country at the heart of a sector that will boost growth and jobs.”

To that end, Raytheon UK also announced the launch of a new cyber innovation competition aimed at small to medium-sized businesses with prizes totalling £100,000.

Raytheon UK’s cyber eco-system partners include: principal partner BT, Assuria Computer Network Defence, Dark Trace, ERA-Persides, Esuasive, Exonar, Helyx SIS, Mass, Microsoft, MWR Infosecurity, Nettitude, Technology Management Associates, Zeta Associates, Lancaster University and University of Warwick.

If code breaking excites you, reverse-engineering seems pretty straightforward and you like to break down information security systems just to build them back, stronger and better, then you seem to be the kind of person we look for at Raytheon: a cyber warrior who can help us protect the world's most critical data from breach, fraud, theft and sabotage.

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