Raytheon UK partners with Business Disability Forum

Tackling employment gap, building a disability-smart workplace

London (September 8, 2021) – Raytheon UK, a unit of Raytheon Technologies, is continuing its diversity journey as an inclusive workplace, having become the first UK technology company in the defence and aerospace sector to join Business Disability Forum (NYSE: BDF), to help tackle the disability employment gap.

Raytheon UK has partnered with Business Disability Forum to become more disability-smart. The company is the first in the industry to partner with the not-for-profit membership organisation.

John Dickinson, head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Raytheon UK, who joined the company in December 2020, said, “Our partnership with Business Disability Forum is an important milestone in our Inclusion journey and a fundamental catalyst in supporting us to become a more disability-smart organisation.”

“We must ensure that we develop a culture that is conducive to enabling all colleagues to deliver the best work of their lives, not just the majority,” he said. “To achieve this, we must ensure that we consider people with disabilities and the adjustments required throughout the design of our physical and digital estate, our policies and processes, our end-to-end colleague lifecycle and, of course, ensure that our leaders have the confidence and capability to support our colleagues with disabilities.”

A 2020 study (Disability pay and employment gaps | TUC) showed that non-disabled workers earnt £2.10 (19.6%) more per hour than disabled workers in the UK. In 2020, the employment rate for disabled people was calculated at 53.7%, compared to 82% for non-disabled people.

Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Disability, Dr. Lisa Cameron MP, commented: “It’s great to see Raytheon UK taking active steps to ensure that they are disability aware and helping to bridge the disability employment gap across the UK. More needs to be done to ensure companies throughout the country are disability-confident, and I welcome today’s announcement that Raytheon UK are taking on a leading role within the aerospace and defence sector.”

Raytheon UK’s Managing Director and Executive Sponsor of Raytheon UK’s Alliance for Diverse Abilities group John Gallagher said, “As a leader in the defence sector, we understand the true value that a diverse workforce has in our ability to develop innovative products and solutions for our customers.

“The skills and experiences of the disabled community are fundamentally important to our sector and we must work together across the sector to unlock their talent and potential and develop more meaningful opportunities to reduce the disability employment gap,” he said.

Raytheon UK has worked to build a more targeted approach at harnessing the unique talents of those with long-term conditions and disabilities. In 2019 the business developed a neurodiversity recruitment scheme, which recognised the need to widen its talent pool and to access the specific skills that many neurodivergent candidates bring, as part of a bespoke programme in cybersecurity.

Diane Lightfoot, chief executive of Business Disability Forum, said, “At Business Disability Forum, we know the importance of a supportive culture in enabling disabled people to ask for and receive the support they need. But many people tell us that they are afraid of admitting anything that could be perceived as a ‘weakness’ or even a difference.”

“Defence is a sector which is likely to see a higher share of acquired disabilities whether that is injury in combat, PTSD or sensory loss,” she said. “We are so pleased that Raytheon UK has become a partner of Business Disability Forum, to demonstrate and live their commitment to getting it right for disabled people and to enable all their employees to bring their whole selves to work.”


About Raytheon UK

With facilities in Broughton, Waddington, Glenrothes, Harlow, Gloucester and Manchester, Raytheon UK is invested in the British workforce and the development of UK technology. Across the country the company employs 1,700 people. As a prime contractor and major supplier to the U.K. Ministry of Defence, Raytheon UK continues to invest in research and development, supporting innovation and technological advances across the country.

Raytheon UK is a landed company, part of the Raytheon Technologies organisation and sits within the Raytheon Intelligence & Space business.

About Business Disability Forum

We believe the 26 million people in the UK and over 1 billion people worldwide with disabilities and long-term conditions enhance the social and economic health of our societies. We exist to remove barriers in business structures and Government that prevent disabled people from thriving and contributing in this way.

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