Forward Steps Donations

Raytheon UK supports local communities with charitable contributions

Raytheon UK has donated £25,000 through its Forward Steps programme to five local charities across the England, Wales and Scotland to help support some of the most vulnerable in its local areas.

To help provide food and other essentials to local communities in need, Raytheon UK has worked with its internally appointed Forward Steps representatives to identify and provide support for a series of charities that support those most in need in their communities. In England, Raytheon UK donated to both the Gloucester Foodbank and Rainbow Services in Harlow, which provide a lifeline to families in their local areas.

Gloucester Foodbank is part of the Trussell Trust network of Foodbanks and works with other agencies in the local area to help identify and support those most in need by providing nutritionally balanced emergency food.

“When I saw an opportunity with Forward Steps to be able to help Raytheon UK's response to Covid-19, I felt I had to do my bit to support,” said Joss, Raytheon UK’s Gloucester Forward Steps representative. “It wasn't something that any of us would have imagined doing pre-Covid, but I'm glad to be involved with something positive."

In Harlow, Rainbow Services aims to find better ways of working together, through offering infrastructure support to local voluntary and community groups, a Community Builder project to support older residents and a new project supporting young people at risk of crime, gangs, drugs, exclusion from school and anti-social behaviour and to help them build positive networks.

"This monetary donation will make a massive difference to Rainbow Services and the people of Harlow,” said Lesley, Raytheon UK’s Harlow Forward Steps representative. “Rainbow Services is using the donation to set up a new Community Fund that will help identify people in need of essential resources such as clothing and bedding.”

In Wales, Raytheon UK donated to the Flintshire Foodbank in Mold to support the organisations' work providing emergency food to those referred to them in a crisis.

Lesley, Raytheon UK’s Forward Steps Broughton representative, said that she got involved in Forward Steps after realising the effect the pandemic would have on her local area.

 “I think the main idea that drove me to help was the realisation that so many people in my community where going to be affected by the lockdown and pandemic,” she said. “It’s not just Broughton that will benefit from this donation but also the surrounding area of Chester, Ellesmere Port and Flintshire as a whole."

In Scotland, Raytheon UK provided funding to both The Cottage Family Centre and Glenrothes Foodbank in Fife. The Cottage Family Centre provide a range of support and a safe place for families and individuals within family units who are vulnerable to social exclusion as a result of factors such as poverty, unemployment, relationship breakdown and health related issues.

Raytheon UK’S Forward Steps Representative Nikki highlighted that the donation to the Cottage on Kirkcaldy would enable them to continue to purchase essential resources to keep both their centres running.

She explained, “I’ve worked with The Cottage Family Centre for several years, and I was so grateful that as a company, we were able to donate to them through Forward Steps so they can continue their fantastic work.”

Meanwhile, the Glenrothes and District Foodbank, part of the Trussell Group, works to support those in crisis within the local community supplying them with essential food and toiletries in a wider bid to end food hunger. As one of Glenrothes’ largest employers, Raytheon UK continues to support the local community through the Forward Steps programme. Raytheon UK Forward Steps Representative Stephan said that he is delighted at being able to support the Glenrothes Foodbank.

“The Foodbank were very grateful to receive this donation and I’m so glad we could donate to Glenrothes Foodbank, who have an impressive record in terms of the amount of support they provide to the community,” he said.

As a result of lockdown, these organisations have seen a huge increase in demand for their services, while being forced to operate under new and restrictive guidelines that have seen the number of volunteers at some organisations decrease despite the growing demand for their services.

“Raytheon’s Forward Steps programme has enabled us to maintain a focus on supporting our communities throughout these challenging times,” said Jeff Lewis, Raytheon UK managing director and CEO. “Whether through STEM learning resources or donations to local foodbanks and charities, we are committed to supporting our local communities and investing in Britain.”