Trust: The Key to Collaboration

Transatlantic Alliance is key for defence, security and UK prosperity

The defence and security relationship between the U.S. and UK has never been more important. Collaboration between our nations will be a key driver of our economies and our future prosperity in an increasingly uncertain world.

As thought leaders in defence, security and technology gather at this year’s Atlantic Future Forum to discuss the best way forward for our industry, collective prosperity on either side of the Atlantic will be at the forefront of the discussion.

Even in the midst of the immense challenges thrown up by the current COVID-19 pandemic, our commitment to promoting the UK-U.S. transatlantic relationship – its ability to embrace technological innovation to counter common threats – will remain no less steadfast. Raytheon UK’s ties with the U.S. have always run deep, and with the recent merger and establishment of Raytheon Technologies, our parent company, that transatlantic partnership is stronger than ever.

A key component of the success of transatlantic cooperation is trust. Trust between our two governments and military and security branches; trust between government and private sector industry; trust between government and foreign or foreign-owned companies.

We will use these ties to deliver technology and best practices that strengthen both nations. That means taking tried and tested, world-class capabilities from one country and working to help deliver them together. Space, cyber and training are just a few examples of areas where we have facilitated the sharing of capabilities and expertise between partners.

Milestones such as the UK-U.S. Defence Trade Cooperation Treaty have enabled our country to be at the forefront of investment and innovation in technology, helping our respective governments to deliver on reshaping the future of defence. The F-35 is just one example of this cross-fertilisation of technology on a defence system that serves both nations.

In the context of an evolving and multifaceted global threat environment, collaboration between the UK and U.S. to mitigate common risks will assume ever-more importance over the coming years. Modern-day threats that know no borders are best tackled through integrated responses, and Raytheon Technologies has the credentials, expertise and ties to support and strengthen the U.S. and the UK’s ability to remain ahead of the game.

Over recent years, Raytheon Technologies' presence on either side of the Atlantic has enabled us to be at the forefront of investment and innovation in areas such as space, hypersonics and artificial intelligence & cyber. We have supported both governments in reshaping the future of defence and developing a strategic framework for closer collaboration in the future.

This shared support, investment and expertise can be used to drive prosperity on the ground in both nations – including across the entirety of the UK. The transatlantic partnership can help fuel the growth of UK sovereign capabilities that can help “build back better” for the country. That includes training programmes that will equip young people with the necessary skills they need to thrive, and reskill those seeking a career change, at this challenging time for us all.

As always, Raytheon UK will be on hand to partner with government and underpin this great transatlantic alliance – continuing our investment in skills and training, alongside people and technology, to ensure that everyone can share in a secure and productive future.

As the new chief executive of Raytheon UK, I am delighted to be part of a great team supporting deeper cooperation between the UK and the U.S., driving future prosperity on both sides of the Atlantic.

By Jeff Lewis, Raytheon UK chief executive & managing director