RTX has been involved in spaceflight since the global community first set its eyes on the final frontier. From our guidance technology on Apollo 11, and our technology that beamed back Neil Armstrong’s famous transmission, “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”, we consistently push the boundaries of what’s possible.

A technology transfer model that brings US space technology to the UK, means we can leverage that expertise and investment while developing bespoke UK space solutions. As we continue to grow within this UK domain, we now offer considerable expertise in Space Situational Awareness (SSA), Space Domain Awareness (SDA) and Space Surveillance & Tracking (SST) influencing and implementing Space Law, Policy, Risk Management, Orbital Analytics, and Operations.


What we do

  • Research and Development
  • A high technology space grade manufacturing capability in Scotland.
  • Versatile programme management with experience in complex, large-scale space sensor and mission management solutions
  • Space situational awareness - with a vision of a sustainable use of outer space.

The DNA of a space recruit

A technician in a white cleanroom gown inside a cleanroom inspecting aerospace hardware

We look for engineering capability across the rapid design, development, integration, and test of spacecraft, associated payloads and ground segments and associated systems including Mechanical, Electrical, Communications, Flight Control, Command & Data Handling, and Imagery Sensors.

  • Small satellites (e.g. LEO/nano/micro satellites) and in rapid work environments.
  • Experience with space payload design and integration.
  • Working knowledge of spacecraft operations and related ground systems.
  • Design for manufacture.
  • Technical leadership and agile project management.


Why work at Raytheon UK?

a technician in a cleanroom gown inspecting a space telescope mirror

We are also a team of innovators, creators and strategists drawing inspiration from each other every day. We collaborate, iterate and execute with an eye toward the company mission and personal career growth.

Explore our opportunities today and join us. 

Faith Bateman Customer Relationship Manager

"I enjoy working at Raytheon UK because of the accepting culture in our account. I truly feel I bring my real self to work, which is something so important to me. No one has the energy to wear a facade every day - I spend my energy on my work!”

Faith Bateman – Customer Relationship Manager

Mark Ovington HR Manager

"Raytheon UK’s graduate scheme offered me an invaluable experience across two years, with five rotations in my home function and two years of personal development training alongside this. It was exactly what I needed after university and has been one of the best opportunities I could have been given.”

Mark Ovington - HR Manager

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