Whether you’re just starting out or changing career direction, an exciting new beginning awaits.

We’re looking for early careers talent to join our innovative projects and work at the cutting edge of technology. We offer a range of Graduate and Apprenticeship opportunities across Engineering, Science & Technology, Supply Chain, Commercial, Finance, Programme Management and more.

Kick-start your journey and build your future with our early career routes.

Graduate Development Programme

Rear view shot of a young man wearing a graduation cap and gown. He is standing in front of glass office buildings and gesturing triumphantly into the air.

Our Graduate Development Programme (GDP) combines a permanent job with continued professional and academic development, helping you build the strongest foundation to your career.

All our graduates are assigned a buddy and follow a career development plan. There’s also the opportunity to complete additional qualifications relevant to the role, such as CIMA (Finance) or CIPS (Supply Chain), and apply for future Engineering charterships and even postgraduate degrees.

We’re proud of what our GDP offers. With a structured module approach over two years, we’re equipping our early careers talent with the skills to be the next generation of business and technology leaders.



A group of six young apprentices, all wearing blue jumpsuits, stand in a workshop smiling at the camera.

Apprenticeships provide the ability to earn while you learn, gaining experience alongside formal qualifications. They’re a great way to begin your career or even make a career change.

Depending on the role, we offer different levels of apprenticeship from Advanced, Higher through to Degree level. At all levels, we work in partnership with UK colleges and universities to deliver highly successful apprenticeship opportunities with a real blended approach to learning, across a range of our sites and business functions.

Our apprenticeships follow an 80/20 format, with 80% of working time spent completing on-the-job training, and 20% studying. This means apprentices get the best of both worlds, working on real projects and making a valuable contribution to their team while qualifying.

STEM outreach

Side profile of a young man wearing a red Raytheon UK T-shirt, with sunglasses on his head. He is kneeling behind a mesh fence, smiling and looking up and to the left. Next to him is a small blonde girl of about three, in a red flight suit and a red Raytheon UK cap. Knelt down on the far side of her is a light-haired man in a red long-sleeve top, looking up and pointing to the top left.

Our early careers professionals are encouraged to join our super STEM team to help guide budding science, technology, engineering and mathematics enthusiasts. 

The team collaborate with schools and education providers to promote STEM learning and nurture future talent. From cracking cyber codes to building and navigating quadcopters through a flight course, our STEM ambassadors host interactive challenges to promote Raytheon UK STEM pathways at a variety of national air shows, science festivals, careers fairs and many more events. 

They’re the face of STEM in the community, engaging with people of all ages and inspiring them to become the next bright spark in the field.

A head and shoulder shot of a young woman looking directly into the camera. She is wearing a purple top and has long, brown-to-blonde hair

When you’re fresh out of university it can be difficult to know what direction to go in. This role was a perfect fit, offering the opportunity to rotate across multiple departments whilst studying for the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants qualification. The rotations widened my professional network and gave me a better idea of the areas of work I enjoyed and excelled in. This career foundation has boosted my confidence and having completed the graduate programme, I’m pleased to have been offered a role in our Treasury team.

- Amba, Finance Graduate. 

Head & shoulder shot of programme management apprentice smiling

I’ve been fortunate to work in different business areas on a variety of projects and programmes, which increased my knowledge and experience. The apprenticeship allowed me to earn a degree in project management and achieve my APM Project Management Qualification. Not only that, I’ve had the opportunity to do real meaningful work which allowed me to critically analyse the difference between theory and practice, so that I could be successful on the degree course. I’m now managing my own project and contributing to the larger programme.

- Josh, Programme Management Apprentice. 

A head and shoulder shot of a young woman smiling. She is wearing a grey top and her long brown hair is pulled over one shoulder.

My experience so far has been amazing! My team have supported me in settling into my role and made sure I have the best knowledge to carry out my daily tasks. I’ve loved joining committees and being able to see how my input has positively affected people. I also had the amazing opportunity to take part in community volunteering with my colleagues. Having this exposure and networking opportunities so early in my career meant I was able to build relationships quickly, whilst also learning and understanding how other departments work.

- Megan, Supply Chain Apprentice. 

Man in a hard hat and high-vis vest directing a quadcopter

I really enjoyed the off-site modules where the cohort would meet up to work on our leadership skills and experience other parts of the company. I received great coaching and mentoring from senior engineers and became the first STEM lead for my site, forming a team of ambassadors to grow talent with the community and across the UK. It was rewarding and developmental as I led a team of 80+, managed projects and budgets and coordinated large events, which ultimately led me to become Training and Development Lead for Manufacturing. 

- Stephan, Manufacturing Graduate.


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