MoD purchases 1,000th Landshield anti-jam system

Raytheon UK assists Britain in defending critical global navigation satellite systems

Landshield is a market-leading anti-jam system. Only the size of a hockey puck, Landshield’s lightweight, small frame and low power usage allow it to be ultra-versatile and operate on land, sea, and air. By repelling jamming and spoofing attempts, Landshield aims to ensure that it defends the GPS signals of any military system using it. 

The Landshield family of products also has the distinct advantage of alerting users to the presence and location of interfering signals. These alerts provide critical, real-time situational awareness intelligence to support operational success in GPS-contested environments. 

“By purchasing 1,000 units of Landshield and Landshield Plus, the MoD continues to show confidence in our suite of anti-jamming capabilities,” said Rory Chamberlain, business development executive at Raytheon UK. “This sustained investment has allowed us to develop our partnership with the MoD and innovate in the most impactful ways.” 

Raytheon UK has developed, produced and supplied its suite of anti-jam products at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Glenrothes and Livingston, Scotland, for more than 20 years. Last year,16,000 anti-jamming systems supplied by Raytheon UK were in service around the world on air, sea and land platforms. 

The company has seen a surge in demand for anti-jamming products and has changed its manufacturing process accordingly, with further investment in its supply chain to meet urgent needs quickly. 

“We know the importance of defending GPS in the 21st century,” said Samantha Missett, head of Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing at Raytheon UK. “From financial systems to military applications, our reliance on the information that GPS provides continues to grow. By producing a product that continues to receive the backing of MoD, it demonstrates to us that we are delivering a level of capability that keeps us ahead of our adversaries.”