How we're training the cyber security talent of tomorrow

CyberFirst Schools encourages students to consider a career in cyber security

Why it matters

The CyberFirst Schools programme connects local schools, the National Cyber Security Centre and businesses with a common goal: To inspire young people to explore computer science and cyber security.

The programme formally recognises and rewards schools that excel in cyber security education, training the next generation of cyber experts.

Now, the company is extending the programme in the south-west with a consortium of partners.

The backstory

In partnership with a consortium of regional cybersecurity companies including CyNam, Bristol & Bath Cyber, Graphic Science and Cyber Clusters, Raytheon UK successfully completed a CyberFirst Schools South-West pilot in 2022.

The consortium uses its “CyberFirst Schools in a Box” toolkit to help schools and colleges meet the criteria for becoming a CyberFirst School, which include having a dedicated cyber security curriculum, engaging with industry partners and offering extracurricular activities for students.

The consortium has been selected to run the programme in the south-west for another year, aiming to increase the number of CyberFirst Schools in the region and raise awareness of cyber security as a rewarding career path.

Were committed to increasing the number of people who have the skills to enter the cyber security workforce.
- Karen Kay, Project Manager.

“As an organisation, we're committed to increasing the number of people who have the skills to enter the cyber security workforce,” said Karen Kay, Project Manager, Raytheon UK.

“Our long-standing presence in the south-west and the relationships that we have built with local industry and education partners mean that we are ideally suited to help the NCSC to continue inspiring young people to pursue a career in cyber.” 

The programme in the south-west, led by Raytheon UK, aims to formally acknowledge schools in the region that adopt a structured way of achieving excellence in cyber security education.

What’s next?

For more information on the programme, and details on how your school or college can be recognised as a CyberFirst School, please visit Cyber First Schools.