New Raytheon UK Mission Intelligence unit to make sense of a tsunami of data

Raytheon UK team to support frontline commanders with intel to make decisions faster, easier and smarter

Raytheon UK is unveiling its latest business unit – Raytheon UK Mission Intelligence – which will be dedicated to the collection and rapid distribution of critical data.

“While the importance of data collection is increasing, the results are becoming more saturated, burdensome and unintelligible,” said Gillian Dowds, head of Raytheon UK Mission Intelligence. “Streamlining vast quantities of data will allow for better informed decisions by frontline commanders.”

Formed from Raytheon UK’s previous Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Information department, Mission Intelligence has been developed to meet the growing need to prioritise the delivery of data to the battlefield as fast as possible.

To achieve this objective, the team will focus on providing “intelligence as a service” – collecting intelligence data from multiple sources and distributing it across services, at all classification levels for those who need to know. The platform that the business unit will use to provide this service will be known as Axon and will draw on Raytheon UK’s work across multiple domains.

“Our aim is to collate this mass of data, streamline it into its core findings and share the most important parts,” Dowds said. “Data is referred to as digital oil because of its fundamental value but, as with oil, the methods of extraction are key.

“The size and depth of Raytheon UK’s capabilities across land, sea, space, air, and cyber give us a distinct advantage,” explained Dowds. “The alternative would be like reading only half a book or seeing a picture without colour. Small additions or subtractions are the critical details that make the difference between the right and the wrong decision.”

Alongside its capabilities across multiple domains, the team is also able to draw on the expertise of the Raytheon Technologies enterprise as well as utilising the innovation from established partnerships with British small- and medium-sized businesses.

“Collaboration is truly at the heart of what makes our team great,” Dowds said. “Whether it be across Raytheon UK or through our industry partnerships, Mission Intelligence’s collaborative approach will enable us to keep fully abreast of innovations in the sector and bring these to the customer.”