NAV CANADA awards Raytheon UK contract for secondary surveillance radars to manage Canadian airspace

LONDON (March 15, 2021) – Raytheon UK, a unit of Raytheon Technologies (NYSE: RTX), will deliver 12 Condor Mk3 next-generation Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar systems to NAV CANADA with an option to purchase  additional radar systems as part of a 15-year contract. The first radar system will be shipped in March 2021 and installed by NAV CANADA in April.

“We have been supplying radar systems to NAV CANADA since 1959, and MSSRs since the 1980s," said John Gallagher, managing director, Weapons & Sensors, Raytheon UK. "The more advanced Condor Mk3 was designed and developed by Raytheon UK engineers in Harlow, Essex, England, and will be manufactured at our facility in Glenrothes, Scotland, helping to sustain 70 jobs in Harlow and 20 jobs in Glenrothes over the next 15 years.”

Condor Mk3 MSSR is an innovative, new, low-cost, high-probability detection radar which brings together native state-of-the-art surveillance technologies to provide cutting-edge, reliable, secondary radar system hardware to air traffic operators around the world.

Additional features have been included in the system such as automatic adaptive power control, fully configurable software, a high-duty cycle transmitter and built-in ADS-B, all in a much smaller footprint.

“NAV CANADA has a long history of working with Raytheon and looks forward to the next chapter in our ongoing relationship,” said Warren Gosselin, director CNS Solutions, NAV CANADA. “The previous generation of Raytheon radars have been a stable backbone of our operation, and we expect the latest generation to continue that robust service.”


About Raytheon UK

With facilities in Broughton, Waddington, Glenrothes, Harlow, Gloucester and Manchester, Raytheon UK is invested in the British workforce and the development of UK technology. Across the country the company employs  2,000 people. As a prime contractor and major supplier to the U.K. Ministry of Defence, Raytheon UK continues to invest in research and development, supporting innovation and technological advances across the country.

Raytheon UK is a subsidiary of the Raytheon Technologies organisation and sits within the Raytheon Intelligence & Space business.

About Raytheon Technologies

Raytheon Technologies Corporation is an aerospace and defense company that provides advanced systems and services for commercial, military and government customers worldwide. With four industry-leading businesses ― Collins Aerospace Systems, Pratt & Whitney, Raytheon Intelligence & Space and Raytheon Missiles & Defense ― the company delivers solutions that push the boundaries in avionics, cybersecurity, directed energy, electric propulsion, hypersonics, and quantum physics. The company, formed in 2020 through the combination of Raytheon Company and the United Technologies Corporation aerospace businesses, is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts.