Raytheon UK undertakes continual innovation as well as research and development to deliver new products and technology and, as such, is committed to investing in new approaches and technologies. 

Raytheon UK continues to support and partner with small- and medium-sized enterprises as well as academia. We recognise the importance of the supply base both domestically and internationally to support Raytheon UK goals and objectives and continually strive to identify and collaborate with the right suppliers and partners.

Raytheon Supplier Guides/Principles

Becoming a Raytheon UK Supplier

Raytheon Six Sigma™ for Suppliers

Raytheon UK is committed to working with our suppliers to meet the challenges of our competitive environment and provide the best and most affordable products. A prime enabler for this is  Raytheon Six Sigma™. It drives continuous improvement where experienced individuals work with our suppliers to enhance their capabilities, drive down costs and identify and mitigate risks.

Learn more about our Raytheon Six Sigma™ programmes for suppliers.

JOSCAR Supplier Portal

JOSCAR : Hellios – Is the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register (JOSCAR), which will form a part of our supplier evaluation and approval approach, with the intent to improve data availability and monitor compliance for our suppliers; meaning suppliers are able to submit and maintain a majority of the information we need via a single online system shared within RSL, as well as other major Prime organisations using JOSCAR.

Raytheon introduction to JOSCAR Brochure 

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Supplier Quality

Supply Chain & Subcontracts Points of Contact

Please direct business enquiries to our Supply Chain and Subcontracts email address: [email protected]

Registered Address for Raytheon UK

Raytheon Systems Limited
Kao One, Kao Park
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United Kingdom

Registered in England and Wales as company number 406809

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