Diversity at Raytheon UK is about inclusivity; which means creating a working environment where everyone feels valued and empowered, regardless of people’s background.

At Raytheon UK, diversity of talent and thought drives our innovation and creativity. We believe we are at our best when our environment is energised by different perspectives and experiences. That’s why we were one of the first defence majors to sign the UK government's Women In Defence Charter pledging gender balance across the industry and fair opportunities for women at all levels to succeed.

Diversity and Inclusion is at the centre of who we are, what we stand for and how we deliver solutions to our customers.

Our High Performance Culture

We are invested in our culture because we believe having diversity in our workforce helps us reach our goals and objectives, and enables us to be an employer of choice.

For us, an inclusive culture builds a high-performing culture and a successful organisation. We're committed to empowering and equipping all of our employees to do the 'best work of their lives'. And to ensure that our employees can bring their full selves to work, we've been working with the firm Senn Delaney, a world leader in culture shaping.

Our Flexible Working Policy

We support existing and potential employees in balancing their personal and professional needs through flexible working opportunities. In recent years, we have also enhanced our Adoption, Maternity, Paternity and Shared Parental Leave policies that support employees through life-changing events.

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGS)

To maintain a rich and diverse talent base, we have invested in a number of Employee Resource Groups to foster support and celebrate success. They support us in fostering an inclusive and engaged culture that drives business growth and innovation. ERGs also help us attract, retain and develop employees as well as engage meaningfully with the communities where we are located.

We strongly encourage participation in ERGs by all members of our workforce; the more we can talk about inclusivity, the more we will make a difference.

Our ERGs include


Raytheon Alliance for Diverse Abilities

Provides a voice for disability issues in the workplace. RADA is a supportive network for employees with temporary or permanent disability, as well as those who support a close family member, friend or colleague with a disability. The Group aims to ensure that all employees, whether impacted directly or indirectly, have the resources, opportunities and support they need to excel in their career.


Raytheon Women’s Network

Provides a network to foster, celebrate and advocate for women’s success and exposure. RWN provides a voice for improving gender diversity across Raytheon UK and ensuring equal opportunity, regardless of gender. This includes the promotion of work-life balance through flexible working and job sharing. Like all our ERGs, RWN is dedicated to serving as a strategic business partner in building and maintaining a diverse, inclusive workforce.


Raytheon Multi Cultural Network

Provides and celebrates cultural awareness within our UK employee base in order to promote equality and opportunity. We embrace members from all backgrounds irrespective of race, gender and religion.

Our ethos and values at the core are to energise our employees to support business objectives, growth, and innovation across the enterprise.  We are committed to helping the business attract, retain and develop employees from diverse backgrounds and help sustain community connections


Young Employee Success Network

Provides support for early-career employees, helping them to perform at their full potential.

YESNET aids us in the recruitment and career development of young professionals, assisting them with a smooth transition into Raytheon’s corporate environment. We recognize that employees starting out their careers, or those that are new to Raytheon, are likely to have lots of questions about our organization. This ERG aims to connect staff from all levels of seniority to share their experiences and guide each other through their careers with Raytheon. It is also aligned with Raytheon’s purpose of leveraging all opportunities for personal growth, careers development and the retention of top talent.


Raytheon Reservists group

Provides support for reservists and veterans under the Armed Forces covenant Raytheon UK signed in 2014. The group supports the Armed Forces community and members of the Armed Forces Reservists who work within Raytheon.

RARE promotes and recognises our reservists’ and veterans’ identity within Raytheon by increasing their visibility and contribution with regards to their unique experiences, skills, product knowledge and customer-centric insights.

In 2017, the UK Ministry of Defence recognised Raytheon UK for outstanding support of the armed forces community, awarding the company 'Gold' status as part of its Employer Recognition Scheme.


Raytheon Sustainability Network

The Raytheon Sustainability Network is aligned to Raytheon UK’s efforts to drive sustainability through our business operations and promote a greener workplace environment.

The RSN acts to advocate and implement change to support our objective of reducing our carbon footprint, ensuring sustainable practices in the UK. It is committed to the continual improvement of environmental and sustainable performance by working with local initiatives and projects across the country, whilst ensuring full organisational transparency both internally and externally.

We recognise that our RSN members are passionate about sustainability and the environment. This employee resource group aims to empower employees by giving them the opportunity to directly impact areas of need within their local community.



Helps to contribute to an inclusive workplace environment that welcomes and values differences. At Raytheon UK we aim to create a workplace where all employees are confident they can be as open as they wish.

More exciting ERGs are planned for 2020.

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