As a world-leading complex weapons systems supplier, we are a valued strategic partner not only in the UK market, but globally.

Raytheon UK’s strong design capabilities mean we are uniquely positioned to meet the demanding needs of global customers. We are committed to investing in the UK and developing sovereign skills and capabilities. We achieve this by exporting advanced technologies from the UK, creating highly skilled jobs and generating prosperity to contribute to UK economic growth.

Our weapons capability include complex weapons systems design, development, qualification and manufacture and in-service support at state-of–the-art facilities in Scotland and England.

Raytheon UK has longstanding relationships with the Armed Forces, providing the Royal Air Force with weapons such as our Paveway IV precision guided weapon, the Royal Navy with our Phalanx close-in missile defence system and British Army with our Javelin portable anti-tank guided weapon system.

Raytheon UK’s complex weapons business collaborates closely with Raytheon Technologies in the United States.

Raytheon UK’s advanced manufacturing facilities in Scotland support Raytheon Technologies’ global weapons programmes, including: Tomahawk long-range land attack cruise missile; Excalibur extended-range artillery precision munition; TOW tube-launched, optically tracked, wireless-guided heavy weapon system; Paveway IV; and Javelin.

Our complimentary expertise and supplementary UK capabilities means we can provide greater value for money for the UK through emerging systems and technologies. Leveraging investments across the Atlantic in the latest technologies, we enhance and integrate weapons systems to UK platforms to give the Royal Armed Forces operational advantage and preserve their freedom of action. This all serves to provide a boost to the UK economy through high-skilled jobs, enhanced weapons capabilities, as well as design and manufacturing capability within the advanced technology sector.

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Complex Weapons Systems

We take products from initial concept through product development and qualification to final production. Leveraging next generation technologies to design, develop and manufacture complex products at facilities across the UK
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