We deliver integrated, precise and proven solutions to protect our armed forces. From shoulder-fired weapons to ground-based air defence, our systems deliver maximum assurance when responding to the conflicts of today and tomorrow.


Javelin launches from a tank.


A 40mm calibre laser guided precision weapon weighing under 1kg. It is the world’s only hand-launched precision guided munition. It brings affordable, low collateral precision into the hands of the infantry. The programme is supported by the UK.

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Soldiers watching as another soldier with a shoulder-held launcher deploys a javalin missile


Javelin – Anti-tank Guided Munition Mounted, Grenade Launcher is both a one-man-portable and platform-employed anti-tank and multi-target precision weapon system, which is continually updated to stay ahead of advancing threats. The MOD selected Javelin for the UK Boxer mechanised infantry vehicle programme.

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Tank with a Tow weapon launcher shooting a missile

TOW® Weapons System

With its extended range performance, the TOW missile is the long-range precision, heavy anti-tank and assault weapon system of choice for the U.S. Army. Upgrade programmes will extend the missile’s life cycle beyond 2050.

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Howitzer-type gun firing an excalibur projectile


Jointly manufactured in the UK and U.S., Excalibur provides extended range precision to the armed forces providing them with a force multiplier over conventional or near-precision systems. It is currently in service with several allied forces around the world and is being constantly upgraded to provide ever increasing capability.

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