Let's 'Make Britain's future'

Raytheon UK have been at the heart of British manufacturing over the last six decades, developing highly complex and specialised products and solutions for global programmes within defence, space and aerospace.

We are one of the UK’s global manufacturing exporters, with most of our manufacturing output being exported overseas. Through our manufacturing capabilities, Raytheon UK and Raytheon Technologies contributes over £2.6 billion a year to the UK’s economy.


Working with SMEs in defence to grow opportunity, resilience, and prosperity

We have partnered with Make UK to launch a new report highlighting the significant contribution the defence sector makes to the economy. The report also outlines how the sector is also heavily concentrated in areas which will be critical to the levelling-up of the UK, as well as the wider Government agenda of increasing exports, creating good jobs, and transitioning to net zero.

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Taking British Manufacturing out of this world

At Raytheon UK, we develop space-grade products, which is equipment at the highest fidelity, and we are committed to making Britain the hub of advanced manufacturing and space operations, enhancing its capabilities as part of Raytheon UK’s Factory of The Future strategy.

We have invested significantly in building centres of excellence for manufacturing and design in the UK at our centres in England, Wales and Scotland, and we have dedicated to enhancing our manufacturing capabilities and developing the next generation of innovators putting Britain on the map as manufacturing leader.


We cover all aspects of manufacturing

Design and Development: From initial concept, through design and product development to qualification and final production, our design capability includes the development of guidance electronic units, control actuation systems, power systems and hybrid microcircuits. Our team’s expertise enables us to leverage next-generation technologies to design and develop complex products as well as design test solutions.

Engineering: Our Glenrothes-based design team has more than 25 years’ experience in the design of power conversation, motor drive, hybrid microcircuits and test equipment. The design solutions we provide are based on a real understanding of individual customer needs and tailored accordingly. We are currently engaged in a number of independent research and development funded projects to further extend our control and actuation design capabilities.

System and Sub-System Assembly: Our systems integration capability integrates complex sub-assemblies into complete systems for specialist applications where testing, verification and high reliability are key customer requirements. This includes our air traffic radars, which we have developed and installed all over the world, making us the premier and only manufacturer of these systems in the UK.We hire highly skilled engineers to ensure that our facility provides a comprehensive assembly capability for complex electronic and demanding, high-precision electro-mechanical products.


Could you help shape the future of British manufacturing? 

British manufacturing thrives on its diversity. Its success stems from the dedicated employees within it, ranging from various backgrounds and levels of experience. See how you can join us at the heart of British manufacturing and help us take the industry to another level.


Plane with Aim-9x Sidewinder missiles on the bottom


We deliver systems that allow our fighter planes to control the airspace and complete direct, standoff and strike missions with absolute precision. Our capabilities deliver unprecedented combat power to NATO and allied airforces, and the world’s most sophisticated 4th and 5th generation aircraft.

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High Energy Laser Weapon System on top of a military vehicle


We deliver integrated, precise and proven solutions to protect our armed forces. From shoulder-fired weapons to ground-based air defence, our systems deliver maximum assurance when responding to the conflicts of today and tomorrow.

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RUK Phalanx


From sensors to command and control systems to precision weapons, we are constantly innovating to deliver the technology that protects UK and allied ships and sailors around the world.

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Hypersonic weapons

Future requirements

We are constantly developing new, advanced solutions and next generation technology to protect our armed forces now and in the future.

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