Cybersecurity, Intelligence & Digital for the UK

The United Kingdom has a growing requirement for agile, innovative and comprehensive cyber security, intelligence and digital capabilities in the defence, government and commercial sectors. With more than 30 years of experience in these areas, Raytheon UK protects critical information and infrastructure from complex threats and vulnerabilities - allowing customers to unlock the true value of their data and information

Our services encompass the following three business areas: National Security Cyber; Defence Intelligence, Space Systems and Digital.

National Security Cyber

Raytheon UK’s expert cyber defenders deliver mission-critical systems, solutions and services that safeguard our national security 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What We Offer:

  • Unique capabilities in the design, manufacture and development of high-assurance hardware and software for bespoke secure systems.
  • Established agile delivery capability for large programmes, focused agile engineering teams and ’lean start-up’ engagements.
  • Mature cloud engineering capability including rapid prototyping, DevOps service delivery and large-scale data processing systems, using public cloud platforms.

Our Strategic Research Group exploits cutting-edge advances in artificial intelligence, cloud architecture and software security to demonstrate new capabilities, technologies and grow vital expertise.

Defence Intelligence

Where business continuity vulnerabilities exist, such as application availability, integrity, data breaches and network performance, we work in partnership with customers to deliver secure, mission-critical systems. Whether in the data centre, in the office or in the field, Raytheon has the expertise to securely deliver applications and data to the right people at the right time.

What We Offer:

  • IT infrastructure design and delivery, application management, customisation and development – as well as consulting and solution delivery for data analytics and cyber security.
  • Versatile practitioners with deep and broad knowledge and experience across programme management, service management, systems engineering, cyber and securityrisk assessment, Data Analytics

Space Systems

Raytheon has been involved in spaceflight since the global community set its eyes on the final frontier. It was our guidance computers that steered some of the first space capsules, including Apollo 11, and it was our technology that beamed back Neil Armstrong’s famous transmission, “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

In the fifty years since Apollo 11, Raytheon has become a leader in dozens of space-related specialties, from helping launch satellites to aiding scientists as they probe the deepest reaches of the universe.

What we offer:

  • A high technology space grade manufacturing capability in Scotland.
  • A technology transfer model that brings US space technology to the UK, allowing UK industry to benefit from significant US technology investment while developing bespoke UK space solutions.
  • Versatile programme management experience with experience in managing complex, large scale space sensor and mission management solutions


We partner with clients to drive performance and accelerate their digital future, where security, trust and integrity are paramount. Digital is a specialist consultancy, backed by our global technology and innovation group. We provide expertise in the following areas:


Services: Software Development, Embedded Systems Engineering, Agile Delivery, Data Science and Analytics, Exploit Development, Systems Design and Integration, In-Service Support


Services: Consulting, Threat Hunting, Red Teaming and Adversary Simulation


Services: Vulnerability Assessment (Systems), Vulnerability Assessment (Data), Vulnerability Assessment (Software), Reverse Engineering, Penetration Testing


Services: Cyber Training, Table Top Exercises, Foundational training, Intermediate Training, Executive Level Training, Cyber Essentials, Phishing-as-a-Service


Services: Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Noisy Data Sets, Visualisation, Scalable Analytics 


Services: Cyber Security Strategy Development, Risk Management and Compliance, Information Assurance, Cyber Security Products, Insider Threat Risk Assessment, Business Continuity 


Services: Building Threat Intelligence Ingest and Exploitation Systems, Threat Intelligence Platform (ATIP), Design and Build of Threat Intelligence Programme


Services: Cloud Design and Architecture, Cloud Security Assurance

Protecting Every Side of Cyber