Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)

Raytheon UK’s Broughton site has emerged as the Airborne Solutions’ Centre of Excellence for technology research and development, as well as programme management for domestic and international customers.

We possess world leading expertise in the development, modification and support of surveillance equipment such as special missions aircraft like Shadow R1 and our previous Sentinel  R1, both vital airborne surveillance asset to the UK Ministry of Defence.

We are committed to technological innovation. We see the future of Airborne ISR in the development of multi mission solutions not dedicated to just single sensors or single capabilities, but which can overlay intelligence from multiple sensors to give a comprehensive overview of the battle space.

We will continue to invest in UK technology and Airborne ISR to ensure that the UK economy is protected and the country secure as a global power.

Shadow R1

Shadow R1 — Special Mission Aircraft

The Shadow R1 tactical C-ISTAR solution provides Airborne ISR in support of UK and international operations. Raytheon continues to develop the platform with an ongoing capability enhancement programme and the provision of in-service support. The aircraft is civil-certified by the Civil Aviation Authority and then released to service by the United Kingdom Military Aviation Authority.

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