Raytheon Professional Services’ (RPS) curriculum stems from unmatched expertise — the kind that can only come from one of the world’s largest training and technology organisations.

We use Cyber Operations Training programmes within our own global workforce providing security solutions to the UK and US governments ― and businesses to enhance the skills and situational awareness of employees across multiple disciplines within the company. We deliver proven training programmes and best practices across the entire cyber operations spectrum, integrating cyber operations training into hybrid mission planning to optimise operational effects.

RPS is committed to building partnerships that centre around continuous learning. We remain engaged with students — even after completing formal training — to ensure they are continually updated on new threats, vulnerabilities, and best practices. We offer access to our most innovative and secure virtual platform to provide simple to complex simulation training and a tool for continuous professional development.

Cyber Security apprenticeships

Our programme is designed to develop a new generation of cyber security specialists. Our cyber and learning experts have developed a curriculum that is applicable to diverse participants from various backgrounds and digital expertise. Developed in partnership with government agencies, our programme is designed to close the country’s growing digital skills gap.

Level 4 Cyber Security technologist apprenticeship

Cyber Academy

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Our unique reskilling, upskilling programme is designed help your business identify a range of digital talent. Graduates will have the necessary skills and knowledge to defend your business against today’s cyber threats.

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