Through our cutting-edge technology, and the skills and capability of our people, Raytheon UK is invested in the security of our country and will invest in you and your career. A job with Raytheon UK is more than a job, it’s a purpose, a challenge laid down to keep the people of Britain and our allies safe.

By focusing on our commitment to our people and their wellbeing, we provide the tools, systems, and support to enable them to find the best ways of working for them. Our teams work flexibly and agilely right across the UK, continuing to deliver the customer success we are renowned for.

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Cyber roles

Our employees don’t wear capes, but they do protect the nation’s critical information and infrastructure from complex threats and vulnerabilities, enabling our customers to unlock the true value of their digital world and stay safe.


Space roles

The final frontier no more. Our innovation and technology make the unknown, known, the unthinkable, thinkable, and bring the realms of science fiction into everyday life.


Training roles

Harnessing the latest augmented and virtual reality simulation technology, we design the training solutions that allow our service men and women to receive the greatest level of preparation needed to keep our country safe.


Defence roles

Engineering precision and manufacturing excellence ensures our state-of-the-art defensive systems and sensor technologies give our customers the advantage across air, land, sea and space.



We deliver excellence to our customers, through the capability of our people. Taking bold steps to drive innovation, we create the platform for diversity and creativity to flourish.

Our history tells a story of pushing boundaries, advancing technology and being a trusted partner to our customers. Come and be a part of our future and continue to shape that legacy.

Roles in our Head Office

We have all the professional head office and support functions careers you could consider. From our Supply Chain Specialists to HR Partners, we have the right opportunities for you.
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Embracing diversity

Diversity and inclusion drives innovation, it’s at the centre of who we are, what we stand for and how we deliver solutions to our customers.

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