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Raytheon UK Leadership

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Richard Daniel

Chief Executive Officer

Ian Stopps

Chairman Board of Directors

Leadership Team

Nathan Bainbridge

Director of Human Resources

David Morgan

Director of Commercial Sub–Contract Management

Rob Crook

Director of Intelligence & Security

Bill Jamieson

Director of Defence

Roy Donelson

Director of Programme Delivery & Mission Assurance

Mike Quinn

Chief Financial Officer

John Reilly

Director of Legal Affairs & Company Secretary

Katrina Roche

Chief Information Officer

Stephen Doran

Director of Power & Control. Site Executive

Dean Mason

Director Strategy and Business Development

Nick West

Director of Communications


Global Leadership

Raytheon’s global leadership provides the foundation for the company’s international growth. With customers in 80 countries and offices in 19, Raytheon’s leaders are committed to building on our international successes.

Thomas A. Kennedy

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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