100 Years of Innovation in the U.K.

Raytheon's reputation throughout the U.K. has been proven throughout more than 100 years of designing and developing advanced technology in Britain, with operating sites in England, Wales, and Scotland. Today, Raytheon engineers are leading the way in delivering innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs. From advanced defence services to national security systems, Raytheon delivers proven and innovative technology that helps keep our nation’s forces safe and plays a critical role in our country’s security.

Raytheon is delivering complex systems to the latest air traffic control solutions in the U.K. and around the world. Raytheon’s Airborne Stand-off Reconnaissance (ASTOR) system is providing the U.K. with a world-class intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capability. The company is providing the Paveway™ IV Precision Guided Bomb and the Javelin anti-tank weapon for the British armed forces while supporting the British Army’s drive to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of battlefield targeting with the development of the Defence Targeting Toolset.

Raytheon is also proud to help the U.K. Armed Forces remain at the forefront of preparedness, through our role on the Early Training Transformation programme and the broader market of Global Training Solutions. Our technology, systems engineering expertise, processes, tools and world-class talent deliver unmatched capabilities to our customers and partners. We are singularly focused on our promise of Mission Assurance so that whenever a customer sees the Raytheon name, they will have trust in our solutions to perform, as promised, and to deliver success.