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Raytheon Australia is an industry leader in defence systems and a highly capable prime contractor, delivering local mission systems integration and mission support solutions to our customers. The company’s integrated businesses listed below assure mission success through a broad range of products and services.

The term “Reachback” is used to describe the process of drawing upon the company’s global resources to the advantage of Raytheon Australia’s customers. This ability to reach back into the depth of US engineering experience and programme management expertise sets Raytheon Australia apart from many of its competitors and has been key to driving the company’s strong growth in the Australian market.

Raytheon Australia offers:

Mission Support

Delivering Mission Support to the Australian Defence Force throughout the life cycle of a programme, Raytheon Australia’s approach is more comprehensive than supporting products – it is designed to enable mission success.

Integrated Solutions

Raytheon Australia’s Integrated Solutions is the premier Mission System Integrator (MSI) and support agency of choice for the Australian Defence Force, also providing services to government and commercial customers.

Air Warfare Destroyers

Raytheon Australia is the Hobart Class Combat System Systems Engineer – a key member of the Alliance team building Australia’s leading edge Air Warfare Destroyers.

To learn more about Raytheon Australia’s integrated businesses, visit Raytheon Australia’s businesses page.

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