Raytheon UK sponsors future UK Aerospace rocketeers

UK supports the UK Rocketry Challenge Winners 2011
The 1st placed winning Worksop College Team 2 with Joanna Wood standing far right

Team 2 from Worksop College in Nottinghamshire, took first place to earn the title of 2011 national champions in the UK Rocketry Challenge finals May 10 at the Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground in Leicestershire.

The team successfully launched their rocket to 758ft in 44.60 seconds, winning £1,000 for their school. They were followed to a close second by Southend High School for Boys who flew their rocket to 760ft in 46.91 seconds, earning their school a well deserved £500.

Dinnington Comprehensive School Team 1 were awarded third prize, winning £250 for their school with their flight of 770ft in 48.38 seconds.


UK supports the UK Rocketry Challenge runners up
 The 3rd placed Dinnington Comprehensive School Team 1 with Joanna Wood standing far right

Promoting the competitive spirit

Organised by ADS (the trade organisation for Aerospace, Defence and Security), Space Connections and the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS), the event saw 20 teams of students compete in the challenge.
Everyone was keen to see who would take home the first prize trophy; a school cheque for £1,000 and an all-expenses paid opportunity to represent the U.K. at the International Fly-off during the Paris International Airshow on 24 June 2011, competing against both U.S. and French Rocketry Challenge winners. 

Rising to the challenge

For this year’s UKAYRoC Challenge, the teams were asked to design, construct and successfully launch a rocket, carrying one raw medium-sized hen’s egg to an altitude of 750 feet with a flight time between 40 and 45 seconds, then return this payload safely and undamaged to earth using only a 15 inch parachute.

After an exciting afternoon of rocket launches, miss-fires and unpredictable changes in wind direction, Worksop College’s Team 2 was finally judged the successful winner.

Achievement of dreams

Raytheon UK’s Joanna Wood, awarded the prize to the third-placed winners and also spent time chatting with each of the 20 teams to learn about their innovations and share her passion for engineering.

Addressing all of the contestants Joanna said: “Maths, Science, Engineering and Technology can open a lot of doors for you to exciting careers, exciting discoveries and the achievement of your dreams. Congratulations to all of you.”