On 3 December 2012, Raytheon UK supported by Airbus UK and the Royal Aeronautical Society, hosted policy and industry experts from across the Aerospace sector at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers in London to discuss how the UK can maintain its position as a global leader in Aerospace manufacturing.

Following this event, a report was published that not only contains research and case studies drawn from the panel discussions on the day, but also a series of exclusive articles from parliamentarians who offer their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities for the UK in the race for excellence.

During the day, delegates heard how with a culture of innovation, a vibrant research and development base and an influx of new recruits, who are inspired and enthused by the opportunities in Aerospace, the UK can continue to lead.

Writing in this report, Emma Reynolds MP and Steve Baker MP set out their views on encouraging children to aspire to a career in aerospace engineering and retaining this talent within the sector, while Mark Tami MP argues the case for greater investment in manufacturing technologies to ensure the UK’s future global position.

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The report first appeared as a supplement alongside The House magazine, Parliament’s own magazine on 28 February 2013.

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