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Raytheon UK is focused on four key areas – Airborne ISR, Precision Weapons, Cyber & Intelligence and Mission Critical Systems – and is growing through leading the design, development and delivery of cutting-edge technologies, services and world-class domain expertise. The technology that Raytheon UK develops radiates around the UK and brings significant economic benefits through the company's own presence and through hundreds of suppliers and technology partners.

Raytheon UK has a heritage of more than 100 years, which has seen the development of numerous advanced electronic systems which enhance the capabilities of customers around the globe, while contributing to the economic success of the UK.

Raytheon UK is pivotal in delivering the UK’s military capability and, as a major supplier to the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), has leading capabilities in mission systems integration within defence, national security and commercial markets. Raytheon designs, develops, manufactures and integrates a range of advanced technologies at its UK facilities, employing more than 1,400 scientists, engineers and other highly-skilled staff.

Raytheon has numerous UK sites with the largest being its manufacturing hub in Glenrothes, Fife where it employs more than 600 people. The company’s aircraft systems integration takes place in Broughton, North Wales and it manages the Sentinel programme from RAF Waddington, providing training and a wide range of development work for the Royal Air Force. At Gloucester, Raytheon UK's new cyber business conducts specialist research and software development work for customers. Finally, the company's new technology centre in Harlow is the business headquarters and home to its engineering, programme management as well as corporate business functions.

Raytheon is a significant employer in these key locations and contributes to local economies through jobs, skills generation, intellectual property creation and exports. The company invests significantly in its infrastructure as well as its people and has a particular emphasis on enhancing skills through its graduate, apprenticeship and STEM ambassador programmes.

Raytheon UK is a significant exporter of goods and services, with export typically accounting for 50-60 per cent of revenues. The business is engaged in research and development with several UK universities within the areas of micro electronics, power and control, cyber and defence intelligence. It invests around £20 million per annum in new markets, innovation and spiral development of existing technology. Raytheon UK has pioneered significant advancements in technology and, through the expertise of its highly-skilled workforce has been able to build world-leading positions in particular domains. Raytheon UK-developed indigenous technologies deliver to its customers, notably the MOD, much sought-after operational advantage and freedom of action.
Over the past five decades, the company has developed expertise in design and engineering of RF, Radar, GPS and Airborne Intelligence systems. Latterly, it has also been developing systems in novel new technologies such as counter improvised explosive device detection.

The breadth of Raytheon UK's technology portfolio is extensive, reflecting the needs of its customer base across the three strategic mission areas of Airborne ISR, Weapons and Cyber & Intelligence Systems. The company's technological innovations span fundamental materials research and software algorithm development, to cost-effective control actuation sub-systems for complex weapons systems to the latest in cyber and intelligence solutions and big data, and beyond.

Raytheon’s continued commitment to the UK and creating solutions that address customer challenges is illustrated by a number of new facilities; the business is investing across its portfolio in infrastructure and skills in order to deliver enhance value to its customers and economic benefit to the UK.

Published: 07/06/2016

Last Updated: 07/07/2016

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