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Training Overview

Raytheon's Approach to Training

Raytheon is a global leader in performance-focused learning. We increase customer performance by creating learning solutions that align to their mission and business objectives, delivering measurable results in industries where there is no room for error.

We help our customers turn their employees into experts, and their goals into achievements.


Since 2008, Raytheon's Warfighter Field Operations Customer Support (FOCUS) and Warrior Training Alliance (WTA) programs have delivered proven, responsive training support to the U.S. Army, ensuring the highest levels of readiness while saving $400 million in training sustainment costs. Raytheon professionals have helped plan, conduct and manage the training of virtually every U.S. Army soldier in the world, including Special Operations forces and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) operators.



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Raytheon provides our government customers with blended live, virtual, constructive and "gamified" training programs, and we specialize in high-consequence missions. Our capabilities include:

  • Chemical and Biological Incident Response
  • First Responder Training
  • Government Mentorship Programs
  • Training Exercise Development, Coordination and Execution



Commercial Training

Raytheon Professional Services specializes in developing tailored learning solutions that align with the unique business objectives of commercial customers. We implement the latest technology and processes to deliver agile, data-driven training programs with measurable results.