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Sensors and Imaging

Sensors and Imaging

Mission: Seeing the Unseen

Peering deep into space. Scanning the vast seas. Monitoring the world’s weather. Our sensor and imaging technologies have one mission: detecting the undetected.

Raytheon's proven radars and sensors work together to help experts see further, track longer and prepare smarter.

Our Air and Missile Defense Radar stacks together like building blocks to increase detection ranges and accuracy on naval destroyers. Our VIIRS sensor — famously known for its ''Blue Marble" photo of Earth — orbits the planet to provide meteorologists with unparalleled environmental data. And our Multi-Spectral Targeting System combines lasers with infrared sensors to enable pinpoint military operations.

There's hidden information all around us, but we're making the invisible visible. That's our mission.

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Sensors and Imaging News

U.S. Army enlists Raytheon to help develop next-generation radar

Patriot destroys missile and aircraft targets in test

Raytheon's Air and Missile Defense Radar prepares for live target testing

The State of Kuwait upgrades its air and missile defense

Raytheon awarded $365 million U.S. Navy contract

Raytheon ramps up deliveries of small unmanned air systems

Raytheon to start production of first multi-spectral targeting system with next-generation accuracy

USS Coronado deploys with next-gen UAV controls from Raytheon

Patriot, one; ballistic missile, zero

Future drones, planes, missiles no match for new Raytheon radar

Raytheon's enhanced Coyote UAV flies into hurricanes for NOAA

Successes — and hardware — stack up for Raytheon's AMDR

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