Raytheon has developed considerable experience in naval systems through its role in major programmes such as DD(X), LPD 17, CVN 21, the Australian Air Warfare Destroyer, and submarines. One of the keys to successfully developing cost effective system-of-systems solutions has been alliances with industry and the customer.

Raytheon UK has supplied the Integrated Bridge and Navigation System for the Royal Navy's new Type 45 Destroyers. With more than 60 years of experience in the supply of IFF for air, land and sea platforms and recent naval applications include the supply of IFF for ANZAC ships, the Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyers and Successor IFF for Royal Navy submarines and Type 23 frigates.


T45 Navigation & Bridge System

Raytheon UK is the supplier for the Navigation System and Integrated Bridge for the Royal Navy's new Type 45 Destroyer. The company has been contracted for the first six vessels including the PAAMS Trials Vessel. The Type 45 class will be the largest and most powerful air defence destroyers ever operated by the Royal Navy and both the HMS Daring, and HMS Dauntless have already been commissioned.

Raytheon UK, supported by Raytheon Anshutz GmbH at Kiel and SML Technologies, will be providing the navigation radars, Electronic Chart, Display and Information Systems (ECDIS), Inertial Navigation subsystems and a Data Distribution subsystem. Raytheon is also a member of the Thales-led team supplying the Fixed Integrated Communication System.

Navigation Systems

Raytheon UK is recognised as a leading centre of excellence for jam-resistant GPS Antenna Systems (GAS) with more than 3,000 such systems supplied and in service on a wide range of platforms globally. Raytheon UK has also developed digital anti-jam technology under the U.S. ADAP programme.