Tracing its radar ancestry back to the 1930’s, Raytheon UK is now the only UK. manufacturer of civil ATC radars. With an indigenous design and manufacturing capability, Raytheon UK is a major supplier of Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar (MSSR) systems, technology pioneered by the Company in respect of the application of monopulse reception techniques and development of Mode S (Select)

More than 500 Raytheon solid-state MSSR systems have been sold, the majority of which are Mode S systems. Customers include major national Air Navigation Service Providers - such as the FAA, NATS, Nav Canada and DFS - as well as smaller, regional airport operators. Amongst military customers are the US Department of Defense, UK Ministry of Defence, the Royal Netherlands Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force and the Royal Danish Air Force.

Integrated Surveillance Solutions

In collaboration with its sister company Raytheon Canada Limited, which manufactures modern, cost-effective solid state S-Band and L-Band primary surveillance radars, Raytheon UK supplies complete and integrated surveillance systems configured to customers' needs and requirements.

Total ATM Capability

Raytheon UK frequently participates, as a key player, in major programmes run by the Raytheon Company for provision of complete solutions for terminal and en route ATM. Such programmes often involve a complete upgrade of customers' surveillance infrastructure with latest generation Mode S radar systems. Programmes have already been completed in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Hungary, whilst other major programmes are in progress in the USA, the UK, Norway, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Romania.