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Airborne ISR provides a critical role in delivering timely, relevant and assured intelligence to decision makers. In order to address this need, Raytheon is developing, manufacturing and delivering Multi-Mission Aircraft solutions. MMA encompass a range of sensors and communications systems which enable the operator to: collect data and information; process it to generate intelligence with corroboration across multiple sources; and to disseminate this in a timely manner.

At the heart of any MMA is a highly capable, intuitive and flexible mission system and Raytheon has developed Overseerto address this need.

Overseer couples next generation, open-architecture software technologies and techniques with a comprehensive understanding of the operational and engineering expertise in Airborne ISR developed through the design, manufacture and support of the RAF Sentinel R Mk1, RAF Shadow R Mk1 and other international customers.

The system enables operators to configure the workstation to their individual preference, with an emphasis on delivering and filtering the data and information they need to perform their task. This data can be drawn from multiple sensors on a single platform and from across a multi-platform enterprise to maximise the situational awareness of the user.

Overseer has been developed to readily integrate sensors and other systems enabling Raytheon to deliver timely, cost-effective Airborne ISR capabilities to its customers, both in new programmes and in support and upgrade programmes.

A comprehensive flexible solution, Overseer delivers highly to operators and the engineers who integrate it. 

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