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Raytheon Systems limited (RSL) is recognised as a leading centre of excellence for anti-jam GPS Antenna Systems. RSL’s analogue GPS Anti Jam system (GAS-1) has over 6,000 systems supplied and in service on a wide range of platforms around the world, including many US DoD aircraft and large naval vessels. 

Developed by RSL, this jam-resistant Global Positioning System (GPS) antenna system technology is able to recognise multiple sources of deliberate jamming and other electrical interference and reject them by creating nulls in the reception pattern, adjusting the way in which it receives the satellite signals. This allows the navigation equipment to function safely, accurately and efficiently in the presence of multiple jammers. In military use, jammer protected targets can be approached more closely and all operations requiring GPS derived position and time can be carried out with greater accuracy and improved mission assurance.

The RSL GPS Anti-Jam system comprises of a Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA) and an Antenna Electronics (AE) unit. RSL has developed a range of products utilising both analogue and digital anti-jam technology suitable for most military platforms.

GPS Antenna System-1 (GAS-1)

RSL is a major supplier of GAS-1 systems to the US Department of Defense with over 6,000 units delivered over a 12 year period with all deliveries for the last 10 years being made on time. RSL also supply major US aircraft manufacturers and integrators including Boeing and Lockheed Martin, the UK MoD and multiple other countries around the world through FMS programmes. GAS-1 has been installed on over 20 platforms.

RSL also supplies anti-jam antenna systems for the U.K. Type 45 destroyer, Eurofighter/Typhoon, CH-47 and ASTOR programmes and has delivered systems to military customers in over 20 other nations.

GPS Digital Antenna Systems


RSL won the competitive development contract from the United States Air Force (USAF) GPS Wing in June 2004 to provide a next generation GPS anti jam system known as ADAP (Advanced Digital Antenna Production). Platforms being equipped with ADAP equipment include both aircraft and ships. ADAP, which follows on from RSL's successful Digital Antenna Electronics development contract, represents a significant performance enhancement on the company's highly successful GAS-1 system.


In February 2005, RSL launched its latest, third-generation antenna system called Navshield. Based on Advanced Digital Antenna technology, it is a form-fit replacement for GAS-1, providing significantly enhanced capability and enabling existing operators to upgrade quickly and simply. Navshield has already been ordered for the European aircraft programme, A400M and A330.


The Small Antenna System (SAS) developed under a US DoD contract, utilises RSL’s advanced Digital technology in a smaller, lighter, package for platforms such as small and medium helicopters, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) and other Size, Weight and Power (SWAP) sensitive platforms.

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