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Precision Weapons Product Guide

Close enough is no longer good enough on today's battlefield. Hitting the enemy—and only the enemy—has become critical to keep alliances together, maintain public support and manage the cost of battle.

Our new technologies are reliable and cost-effective, permitting precision attacks while avoiding harm to nearby people and structures. They reduce the trade-offs between protecting warfighters and hitting only the desired target.

Raytheon's precision weapons are advancing armaments and public attitudes about the use of force in new millennium warfare.


In modern warfare, the fighter with the most accurate missiles increasingly comes out on top.  Raytheon has become a world leader in this field. Our products include:

Air-to-Surface Missiles

Precision Weapons: Maverick

Ground-based Air Defense

Precision Weapons: AI3

Ballistic Missile Defense

Precision Weapons: Patriot

For more information on Raytheon's ballistic missile defense, see our Missile Defense page.

Air-to-Air Missiles

Precision Weapons: AIM-9X

Close Combat Weapon Systems
(Multi-mission weapon systems)

Precision Weapons: Javelin

Ship-based Missiles

Precision Weapons: Searam

Surface-to-Surface Missiles

Precision Weapons: Searam


Raytheon's torpedoes deliver devastating blows to marine threats in both deep-water and coastal environments.

Precision Weapons: MK48

Precision Guided Munitions

Raytheon's guidance systems turn artillery and so-called "dumb bombs" into precision weapons.

Precision Weapons: Excalibur

Close-In Weapon Systems

The Phalanx Close-In Weapon System is a precisely aimed gun that targets incoming threats and provides a final line of defense for ships.

Precision Weapons: Phalanx

Small Arms Sights

Raytheon manufactures a complete line of battle-tested, premium quality military tactical weapon sights that provide superior optical performance. Custom design and manufacturing is also available for commercial, law enforcement and military applications.

Small Arms Weapon Sights